Shipping Container Homes – Is This Blueprint Suitable For Building A Shipping Container Home?

There are plenty of colorful examples which you can study to have your own choices. Since the containers are weatherproof and can stand heavy winds or rains, you can get a neat powerful home

Shipping Container Home
Shipping Container Home

Here’s a new age home idea – Have you ever thought of building one from a shipping container? Yessss… that too at very low costs? Believe it, things that you never thought would be possible are indeed coming true, of course with a bit of effort on your part. Even building a small house is a daunting exercise, even for an experienced builder. It involves a lot of labor, materials, and planning.

But container homes are a novel idea that’s taking the world by storm. They are probably the cheapest way to make a house and worth the value. When you are keen on getting rid of the pain of paying monthly home rents, a financial crunch may ruin your plans to build a house of your own. It is here that the container homes play a major role in relieving you of the mounting pressure of rent. Building your Own Shipping Container Home Club has all the blueprints for getting a cost-effective and sustainable home, something that you always wanted.

What is Building Your Own Shipping Container Home Club and how it works

Shipping Container HomeIt is a book containing a variety of plans and suggestions to construct an affordable home complete with all modern and exclusive spaces, all within a container, and ideal for a family. The book comes up with very clear and easy-to-understand instructions for converting recycled cargo shipping containers into your sweet homes with architectural designs. About 180 topics are covered in the book including designs, process, designing, planning, and building – everything that is needed to build a liveable home. You do not waste your valuable time or money in searching for good quality materials or lose money by choosing the wrong ones. With the vast range of instructions and varieties, there can be no limit to your imagination in constructing your dream home. The book has been written by professional builders who have several years of experience.

You are guided well enough to start the container home project correctly and proceed in the right direction. You will be getting lifetime updates from the authors and the best part here is that it’s not an upsell – you will not be paying anything extra for this service! The book offers vital information, the tools needed to work with, and more. What I liked the best about this book are the 2D and 3D drawings, and everything you need to know about shipping containers. You will understand how to plan the expenditure, create a floor plan, layout, and the construction aspect. You will get to see the models of about 50 shipping container homes that have been made from around the world.

Of course, the book comes with a few bonuses too such as Interior Design Planner Application, Garden Pack the Perfect, 10 Plants In A Greenhouse You Never Thought Of Growing, 15 Top Money Saving Ways, Free Unlimited Access To Forums For The Eco Smart Club, Build A Framework For DIY Greenhouse Irrigation, and Tips For Energy Saving For Your Home.

There are many projects listed in the book that you can refer to when you plan on building a shipping container home. From the reviews that I read, I understand that building homes using shipping containers is way simpler as compared to building a traditional home. You do not waste time, energy, or money, and thus free yourself of the frustrations of things not going the way you want them to. The book tells you how you can view the final design result in a 3D format. There is no room for any guesswork!

You get advice from the author on aspects like:

  • Budget
  • Criteria
  • Need for clinical treatment
  • Analysis of the build for its potential
  • Number of rooms, toilets, etc
  • Environment
  • Availability of sunlight, wind, view, and others
  • Utility

The book has 10 chapters that talk about the design process of building a container house, where to get shipping containers, pre-purchase inspections, moving the container, consolidating the plan, getting to work, R-Value table, the type of electrical projects needed, inspection and sign-off, and container house designs – quite a comprehensive list!


  • The book gives you an idea of a house you can build and live in a cost-effective home without paying any rent
  • Container homes are reusable because the shipping containers are durable and cheap, efficient, and eco-friendly.
  • The homes are energy efficient as they come up with an inexpensive design, with easy shipping of metals.
  • Since shipping materials can withstand any natural calamity, they assure you of durability. They can withstand an earthquake, fire, tornadoes, termites, or any other type of disaster.
  • You can create the house in whatever design you want, with room for modification.
  • There is no limit to your creativity as you can design your floor, panel, or side with any material you like.
  • When you follow the steps, you save a lot of time and money too, which is very important.
  • There is sufficient lighting as the homes built using shipping containers are quite airy and well lit.


  • Plenty of technical terminology is used which takes time to understand
  • You may not get to see the interiors of the homes
  • There could be many structural questions that need an explanation
  • You may not get as much space as you like in every room as the container itself is quite small and narrow.

Should You Buy It?

It is really quite tough to get a home of your preference when you have financial issues. The book takes you by hand in creating a lovely home using old shipping containers. There are plenty of colorful examples which you can study to have your own choices. Since the containers are weatherproof and can stand heavy winds or rains, you can get a neat powerful home. The cost of construction is not heavy as you already have the basic walls. It is only the anchoring that needs to be accomplished.

You can customize the containers to any design to suit your requirements. You can also get more containers if you need more space. It is advantageous as you can plan the construction in phases. The turnaround time for making a container home is very low – you can get your home ready in a matter of days. Since the book address all construction aspects, you will be able to use this as a guide to get your dream container home – and if you have a bit of a creative streak, it is sure to be a uniquely beautiful home. I suggest you give this book a read – it’s a handy guide. 5 Stars!

Shipping Container Home

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